Monday, November 17, 2008


The legend behind the Ayyappa of Aryankavu is similar to that of Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sastha. The only difference between the two is that Sastha was brough up by the Pandi Raja of Madura and not the Raja of Pandalam. The temple is constructed about 35 feet below the road level. It is at a distance of 2 kms from the majestic Pallaruvi waterfalls located in the deep dense forests. It is believed that Ayyappa had relationship with Sourashtrans while living in the palace of Raja of Madura. Even now Sourashtrans reach here in groups during the time of Mandalapooja. The temple rests 86 Kms away from Thiruvananthapuram.


ACHAN KOIL SASTHA temple is another important temple situated in achankoi 25 km from shenkottai,Tamilnadu.
Achankoil Sastha (Arachan) temple is a sacred place of worship where pilgrims from Kerala and Tamilnadu come in groups through out the year. According to a legend the God gave 'Darshan' to a worshipper who had undertaken long term penance at Kandamala, where the the present temple stands. The main festival season here comes during the Mandalam puja. The nearest town and railway station is Shenkottah-Tamil Nadu.

Though it might sound strange, the countless testimonials of devotees vouch for the fact that Achankovil temple offers magical cure for all types of poisonous snake bites
The chief priest offers the water from the temple well to the snake bite victims apart from applying sandal wood paste on the bitten area.
Situated 40 kms from Nilambur, this temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa is set amidst thick woods. Persons who are engaged in logging in the thick jungles nearby are often bitten by highly venomous snakes. No matter whether it is dawn, dusk or midnight, the devotees can ring the temple bell to alert the priest who will rush to the aid of the victims in no time. Records say that nobody has ever died of snake bites in these holy precincts.
It is interesting to note that Kerala not only has some fabled temples dedicated to Dhanwantharii -the Physician of Gods but also a handful of temples for the treatment of diseases as well.


Swamiye saranamayyappa
Dear pilgrims,this blog is about all ayyappan temples in kerala.
There are five major sastha(ayyappa) temples in kerala.They are situated
Shabarimala (pathanamthitta dist)
Aryankavu (kollam dist)
Achankoil (kollam dist)
Kulathupuzha (kollam dist)
Thrikkunnapuzha (aleppey dist)
It is believed that if you can visit all these temples that will be the best way to worship god ayyappa.
Here I am trying to give you some stories and beliefs regarding these temples.
Here I am excluding shabarimala as everybody well know about the temple
Aryankave sree dharma sastha temple is located in the boarder village of kerala aryankavu near Tamilnadu boarder.Every year thousandsof pilgrims from all over india visit here.Here god ayyappa is in yauvana stage .The season starts from mid November every the thrikkallyana mahotsav is been celebrated every year.Lot of pilgrims come and participate i this event to get ayyaan's blessings.